Using High Intensity Interval Workouts to Lose Weight

Losing weight is difficult for many to accomplish, especially if they have a hard time making it into the gym to get in a good workout. With fitness equipment at home, this is less of a problem. An elliptical trainer is ideal for home workouts because it can be used in a high intensity interval workout that leads to losing weight. Knowing how to perform this type of workout is key in making sure it works.

Change the Pace

The point of this type of workout is to change the pace throughout. The person working out will never only be going slow or only completing their workout at a fast pace. The purpose is to change it up between slow, fast, and slow again. This helps to really get the body burning fat and working out effectively. Using an elliptical at a medium pace, running fast, and then slowing it down to a walk is a simple way to get the interval intensity changed up.

24 Minutes is All That’s Needed

An extra long workout is not required to lose weight. Twenty-four minutes is all a person needs to work up a sweat. There should be a few separate intervals set for this workout. It starts with one minute of using the elliptical with the handlebars, followed by one minute without. Three minutes with the bars should follow, and then there should be a minute to simply walk and take a bit of a breather. The second interval should follow the same pattern, only it needs a faster pace. People should use more of a sprint on this set. A third interval of one minute running and one minute walking is next. There can also be an interval of backward walking to target a separate area of the legs and backside. This interval training should be continued until 24 minutes have gone by.

Working out is hard to do, especially for those who are unsure of what works best. Using an elliptical trainer at home and following a high intensity interval workout is one of the best ways to lose weight. Visit to learn more about high intention workouts and the many benefits they bring the body.