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The Benefits of Choosing Natural Remedies Over OTC Medications for Illnesses

Every time people living in the modern age get a sniffle or a cough, they immediately make sure to take hold of a medicine from their nearest pharmacy. If you happen to be doing this yourself, then this is just fine. Even so, if you are having financial troubles recently, then getting OTC medications could affect your financial standing for the week. Take, for example, your food for the week; with OTC medications, you could be cutting short your budget for food. Furthermore, you could also be getting some side effects being brought upon the OTC medications that you have chosen to buy. The good thing about natural remedies is the fact that they can treat the minor illnesses of yours in a more safer and cheaper way. Make sure to save your hard earned money for major medical emergencies by going for natural remedies. Here you will find a list of minor illnesses and what natural remedies you can use to get rid of them.

Coughs: Colds typically occur during the cold season or the winter season. If you are working or are attending school, then you know that having common colds usually results in absences. If you still attend class or report for work with the common colds, then you are usually blamed for when it suddenly spreads from one person to another. Nevertheless, if you have gotten the common colds during cold season of winter, then there is a natural remedy for you. If you think that a common cold is coming your way, then it would be a good thing to be gargling on some water that has some salt in it and to be consuming a clove of garlic that is still raw. Research has proven that consuming juice with fresh garlic brings about properties that are antimicrobial that help to fight against bacteria. When it comes to drinking this type of juice, the thought of it may not sound as appealing like most; however, you will be free of colds in any way.

If you already have the cold, then soothing your sore throat and nasal congestion can be done by drinking thyme tea. All it really takes for you to do is to place a teaspoon of dried thyme into the cup of hot water you have prepared for ten minutes. You just have to make sure to drink three cups of this concoction every single day in order for your phlegm to be loose.

Bowels: Each person’s body is equipped with the ability to determine if a food that you have consumed is bad for you. If you are currently feeling constipated, it would be best to drink a cup of drink that is filled with half a cup of olive oil in addition to half a cup of orange juice. For irritable bowel syndrome, on the other hand, it is best that you be able to drink a cup of herbal tea filled with peppermint and chamomile to soothe your bowel symptoms.